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Ossiform is dedicated to improving the lives of people with bone defects. We provide patient matched, natural, and resorbable bone implants to reduce complications, improve functional outcomes and obtain faster recovery.

​We are continuously working to redefine bone replacements through progressive research and close collaboration with physicians and industry partners. Our patient-centric approach and commitment to innovation, quality, and progress steer our efforts to provide best-in-class implant solutions that facilitate the natural forming of new bone.​

Company mission

We work to provide 3D printed natural bone implants to reduce complications, improve functional outcomes, and obtain faster recovery​.

Company vision

Our endeavor is to make all bone implants personalized and facilitate the natural forming of new bone.

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Ossiform values​

Human Health and Well-Being

Our greatest task is to develop and provide patient specific, bone regenerative healthcare solutions that improve the quality of life for people with bone defects – that’s why, We Print Bone™.


We are committed to providing high quality bone implants that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers by continuously improving our products, services and QMS while meeting relevant quality standards and requirements for domestic and international regulation.


​We aim to make high-quality bone replacements accessible and affordable by providing a scalable technology for hospitals worldwide to benefit as many patients as possible.


Rethinking the future of healthcare solutions is in our DNA. We develop and combine revolutionary technologies that challenge the status quo to provide better solutions for patients and healthcare providers.​


Our success lies in our ability to realize our innovations and ensure successful implementation in the clinic. We work towards true advancements of the bone replacement field by fostering change and introducing cutting-edge technologies.​


We are dedicated to building and sustaining close collaborations with our valued industry partners to continuously push ourselves and our products toward new dimensions.​

Ossiform history​

Ossiform's disruptive technology was invented with the goal of developing clinically implementable solutions to real medical problems defined by clinicians. The idea came about as a result of 12 years working with bone tissue engineering and seeing unrealistic solutions being promoted for clinical non-problems while real clinical problems remained unsolved.

In 2015, the founders of Ossiform started investigating a new solution for replacing destroyed or surgically removed bone that could allow surgeons to restore the patient’s tissue to its former shape and composition.

This resulted in the invention of a novel bio-ink that can be 3D printed into personalized and resorbable implants for human use, theP3D Bone.​

That's why, We Print Bone

Our mission is to provide 3D printed natural bone implants to reduce complications, improve functional outcomes, and obtain faster recovery

Tailored properties, optimized for bone regeneration and relevant biomechanical thresholds

Fully remodels into new vascularized bone, tuned to offer balanced rates of resorption and new bone ingrowth

Patient matched designed with the patient's uniqueness and biomechanical factors in mind

Resorbable material with structural support, offering controlled cortical and cancellous components

P3D Bone Extremities – approval process ongoing

Our first 3D printed, resorbable P3D Bone with modifiable dimensions and a bone-like morphology

P3D Bone - under development

The next generation of resorbable and structural bone implants

We Print Bone​™

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