Ultra Low Attachment Cell Tissue Culture Plates

Combine these cell culture plates with your P3D Scaffolds

High Quality Ultra Low Attachment Plates​

  • Ultra Low Cell Adhesion​

  • Comprised of a covalently bound hydrogel surface coating that minimizes cell attachment, protein absorption & cellular activation

  • Choose between 6 well, 24 well or 96 well with flat bottom
  • Single wrapped sterile - ready to use
  • Ideal for culturing stem cells and regenerative cell therapy

​Our recommendation is to use together with the 3D cell culture systems:

P3D Scaffolds


Products and prices*

  • 6 well Ultra Low Attachment Plate - €19.00
  • ​​24 well Ultra Low Attachment Plate - €21.00
  • ​​96 well Ultra Low Attachment Plate - €23.00

Ultra Low Attachment Plates 6, 24, and 96 well ​

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Right now, we are offering a free sample of our 3D cell culture systems, the P3D Scaffolds, when you order plates. Please specify your research field, and we will add them to your order.

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Product specifications

Ultra Low Attachment Plates provide an optimal environment for 3D cell culture when used in combination with the P3D Scaffolds 3D cell culture systems. They do not require any special incubation techniques, and thus 3D cell culture can easily be implemented in the same way as conventional 2D culture.

The Ultra Low attachment plastics are manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene and are supplied with lot numbers traceability under the most demanding and sensitive cell culture work. Comprised of covalently bound hydrogel layer that minimizes cell attachment, protein absorption and cellular activation. The Ultra Low Attachment Plates are ideal for culturing stem cells and use during regenerative cell therapy. Promote growth of suspension cell lines - both established and primary cells. Ideal environment to help nurture ebryoid body formation from ES cells.​

*The products are only available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Italy.

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