The Bone Printing Solution

Ossiform’s bone printing technology will allow surgeons to reconstruct bone with the patient’s uniqueness and biomechanical factors in mind

The internal bone-like porosity, obtained through 3D printing, allows for a strong and rapid ingrowth of bone tissue and low risk of complications, as the immune system is allowed access to the entirety of the implant.

We work in close collaboration with surgeons to provide natural implants that are printed for each individual patient, based on CT or MRI scan data, to provide exact anatomic repair. This improves patient outcomes ― both functional and aesthetic ― and reduces operating time as the surgeon does not need to manually adjust the implant during surgery.​

Drug releasing bone implants

Ossiform’s laboratory tests have also shown that P3D Bone implants can be designed to deliver additives such as growth factors, antibiotics, and chemotherapy with wide ranging benefits for patients.

Tests have shown that the resorption speed and release rate of the pharmaceutical can be controlled by varying the fatty acid tail length. This will allow for a local long-term controlled drug release and thereby a more effective way of dosing medication which reduces the amount of the drug needed. This helps contain costs, reduces the development of resistant bacteria and benefits patients, as lower doses are less harmful to the liver and kidneys that metabolize the drug.

Please contact us for more information about this current area of R&D activity. 


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That's why, We Print Bone

Our mission is to provide 3D printed natural bone implants to reduce complications, improve functional outcomes, and obtain faster recovery

Tailored mix of cortical and cancellous components, optimized for bone regeneration and indication-specific biomechanics

Fully remodels into new vascularized bone, leaving nothing but natural bone

Patient matched designed with the patient's uniqueness and biomechanical factors in mind

Resorbable material with structural support, tuned to offer balanced rates of resorption and new bone ingrowth 

P3D Bone Extremities Wedge – approval process ongoing

Our first 3D printed, resorbable P3D Bone with modifiable dimensions and a bone-like morphology

P3D Bone - further products under development

The next generation of resorbable and structural bone implants

We Print Bone​™

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