W​e Print​ Bone™

Ossiform is the developer of resorbable patient matched implants that support bone regeneration.

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Osteotransductive and structural bone implants

P3D bone printing enables the creation of patient matched resorbable bone implants that provide structure while facilitating the natural forming of new bone. In short: We Print Bone™.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with bone defects by providing personalized healthcare solutions, scalable for hospitals worldwide.

P3D Bone

Made from pure, 3D printed ß-tricalcium phosphate, the patient matched bone substitute delivers a resorbable material with a natural bone-like porosity, optimized for the natural forming of new bone.

P3D Scaffolds

Our 3D printed cell culture system for enhancing bone and cancer research. Fully customized to your research needs.

Osteotransductive and structural TCP bone graft substitutes

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Bone tissue engineering in preclinical research

​Ossiform's expertise in medical 3D printing is further used to provide a research product line of natural bone-like environments wherein disease mechanisms can be studied and new treatments can be tested ― the P3D Scaffolds, 3D cell culture systems

SEM image of P3D Scaffolds. Picture courtesy​ of Luis Eduardo Carneiro-Campos, PhD.

That's why, We Print Bone

Our mission is to provide 3D printed natural bone implants to reduce complications, improve functional outcomes, and obtain faster recovery

Tailored properties, optimized for bone regeneration and relevant biomechanical thresholds

Fully remodels into new vascularized bone, tuned to offer balanced rates of resorption and new bone ingrowth

Patient matched designed with the patient's uniqueness and biomechanical factors in mind

Resorbable material with structural support, offering controlled cortical and cancellous components

P3D Bone Extremities – approval process ongoing

Our first 3D printed, resorbable P3D Bone with modifiable dimensions and a bone-like morphology

P3D Bone - under development

The next generation of resorbable and structural bone implants

We Print Bone​™

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