Scientific Publications

Publications that showcase a selection of P3D Scaffolds use cases are highlighted below

3D cell culture has shown great potential in many applications, including tissue engineering, disease modeling, and drug discovery. By allowing cells to develop and migrate three-dimensionally like they would inside the human body, the P3D Scaffolds have yielded predictive research models of human biology in several in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical studies.

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Other Scientific Publications

Porous 3D Printed Bioceramic Scaffolds induce Osteoblastogenesis in vitro (Poster)

​Jensen, MB., Dahl, SS., Bau-Madsen, N., 104th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (2022).

The performance of a new generation of 3D printed and drug and stem cell loaded implants in vitro and in vivo (Poster)

Jensen, MB. et al. DASCS2017 Stem Cell Conference (2017).