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P3D Scaffold Cell Recovery by Trypsination

This protocol explains how to retrieve cells that have been cultured on the P3D Scaffolds. Cell recovery from the P3D Scaffolds can be performed using standard protocols with minor modifications.

How to Culture Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Bioceramic 3D Cell Culture Systems

This protocol is for seeding and 3D culturing stem cells on P3D Scaffolds. The procedure provides guidelines on how to create three-dimensional multicellular in vitro tissue constructs based on hMSCs and subsequently differentiate the hMSCs into osteoblasts to create a 3D bone cell culture.

How to Verify Osteogenesis on P3D Scaffolds

This guide is for studying osteoblast differentiation using an ALP staining assay. Mesenchymal stem cells express alkaline phosphatase (ALP), which increases during osteoblast differentiation. ALP levels can therefore be used as an osteogenic marker.

How to use Invitrogen LIVE/DEAD Cell Imaging Kit with P3D Scaffolds

This protocol explains how to perform Cell viability using Invitrogen LIVE/DEAD Cell Imaging Kit with P3D Scaffolds.

Protein Extraction on P3D Scaffolds

This protocol explains how to perform protein extraction with P3D Scaffolds.

Evaluation of Cell Viability ― Using CellTiter-Glo 3D Cell Viability Assay

This protocol explains how to evaluate cell viability using CellTiter-Glo 3D cell viability assay with P3D Scaffolds.

Harvesting RNA from cells cultured on P3D Scaffolds

This protocol explains how to harvest RNA from cells cultured on P3D Scaffolds.

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Satefy Data Sheets

Here we provide the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for our P3D Scaffolds products. The SDS provides information on chemical products that helps users make risk assessments, and gives information on handling, storage, and emergency measures in case of accident.

Do you want to know more about applications and use cases of the 3D cell culture system?

P3D Scaffolds were recently utilized as tissue engineering scaffolds in an in vivo study.

The purpose of the experiment was to test and develop a system for non-invasive, non-destructive, and label-free monitoring of bone tissue development, using novel spectroscopic techniques.

The material and customized shape of the P3D Scaffolds provided a clinically relevant system that allowed subcutaneous implantation in mice, while supporting osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.