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Ossiform and Finnadvance announce partnership

Ossiform® and Finnadvance announce partnership

We are thrilled to announce that Finnadvance Ltd.  ̶  a Finnish biotechnology company developing highly scalable organ-on-chip platforms   ̶  has published a whitepaper in partnership with Ossiform®.

This whitepaper explores the various prospects of reconstructing microphysiological conditions of tissues and biological interfaces in a scalable fashion, by employing microfluidics and combining the microfluid properties of AKITA® Plate with P3D Scaffolds from Ossiform®.

Under the partnership between Ossiform® and Finnadvance, the P3D Scaffolds is incorporated into the AKITA Plate. This combined platform will permit the test of bone repair studies in a high-throughput compatible manner while the flow of the Akita system increases the signal-to-noise ratio up to 5 times.