Patent for Ossiform®’s technology granted in China

Patent for Ossiform®’s technology granted in China

Chinese Patent Granted for Ossiform®’s 3D printing technology

August 10th 2021, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) announced that Ossiform®’s patent, Feedstock for 3D printing and uses thereof no. PCT/DK2016/050323, has been granted in China.

This marks Ossiform®’s third patent issuance, following the approval and publication of its U.S. and European patents in 2020.

The patent covers the Company’s disruptive 3D printing technology which involves a novel formulation of biomaterials for 3D printing. In addition, the Chinese patent covers the use of metals and polymers.

The technology facilitates a new additive manufacturing process where medical implants and other objects are constructed directly from a computer-aided design (CAD) file. Ossiform will use this new way of 3D printing to enable the creation of P3D Bone – the new generation of natural, and patient specific implants with controlled porosities and unique structures that allow for optimized bone ingrowth and effective remodeling of the implant into real living bone.

The third patent issuance further supports Ossiform®’s efforts to expand the high-potential P3D printing technology into new areas and industries. With unique customization of single units as well as cost effective mass customization, P3D printing allow businesses across various sectors to enhance their product development and manufacturing – while reducing costs.