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Collagen-producing osteoblasts​

Collagen-producing osteoblasts

The development of our bones is carried out by the bone-forming cells called osteoblasts. Through a process known as osteogenesis, the osteoblasts form the bone by producing a soft framework, consisting primarily of collagen, which is then strengthened and hardened by the addition of calcium phosphate. The combination of the flexible collagen and the hard calcium phosphate is what makes our bones sturdy enough to withstand loadbearing and stress.

Collagen production is therefore a good initial measure of bone forming osteoblast activity. These confocal images of osteoblasts cultured on P3D Scaffolds show the osteoblasts (in blue) and the surrounding osteoblast-produced collagen (in green), illustrating that the 3D cell culture system supports the bone-forming process.

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